IPv6 Enhanced Council - Second Plenary Meeting report

IPv6-EC002 on June 27th at 2pm to 5pm CET

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1 Summary

The IPv6 Enhanced Council members met on June 27th, 2023 under the Chairmanship of Pr Latif Ladid (Luxembourg University), the two Vice-Chairmen Dr. Will Liushucheng (Huawei), Dr. Carlos Ralli Ucendo (Telefonica) and the Coordinator Dr. Tayeb Ben Meriem (IPv6 Forum). 23 participants attended this Second Plenary meeting. Opening talks have been given by two Speakers. The next Plenary meeting is scheduled on July 27th. 14:00 - 17:00 (CET)

2 Opening of the meeting (Chairman)

The Chairman, Pr Latif Ladid welcome the attendees and introduced the Opening Talks session.

3 Agenda

1 Opening of the meeting

2 Opening talks:

  • Mr. Carlos Ralli Ucendo(Spain IPv6 Council Chair), IPv6 in Spain

  • Mr. Krishna Lahoti (Director – CNLABS Vice-Chair APAC IPv6 Council, Vice Officer (Asia) – IPv6 Ready Logo

3 Review and approval of the Terms of Reference of the IPv6 Enhanced Council

4 Rev Review the proposed structure of working groups (WGs) and call for candidates for WGs Chair; New WI proposals discussion and approval including the CSPs / Operators Committee

5 Agreement on an IPv6 Enhanced Council roadmap of expected deliverables, timelines, and editors, and assignment of responsibilities to the various WGs; Agreement on IPv6 Enhanced Council working methods, future meeting plans, including frequency of meetings;

6 PoC program Presentation, process and ongoing PoCs

7 Discussion and presentation of written contributions including Liaisons Statements (LSs) and IPR-related aspect (collection open)

8 wrap-up and conclusions


10 Closure of the meeting

3 Opening Talks: Invited Speakers

The approach adopted by the Management Team is to invite 2 or 3 speakers at each Plenary meeting to share their experience within a dedicated opening talk session. Table 1 lists the 3 topics covering this session, and key messages delivered by the three speakers.

- Speaker: - Mr. Carlos Ralli Ucendo (Spain IPv6 Council Chair)

  • Topic: Improving Spain figures % The roadmap for IPv6 in Enterprises

  • The Spain IPv6 Council Roadmap shows a pioneering phase where Spain was very an active EU member State, followed by a stagnant period then a new take off in 2022:

    • 2022+ Corporations Roll out Banking, Retail, Industry 4.0, Smart* … CIOs, CTOs, Engs, Public Auth

    • 2018-2021 World Massive roll out but Spain is lagging Behind: Emerging/Local ISPs

    • 2013-2018 Use-cases Exploring: IoT, Smartcities, Edge

    • 2011-2012 Deployment Kick-off Leading: World IPv6 Days, Public Policy Makers.

    • 1999-2003 Research Phase Pioneering: EC’s funded project: Euro6IX, 6SOS, LONG, etc

  • New take off of IPv6 Deployment in Spain: After a stagnant period, a turning point (a new IPv6 Take off) happened in 2022 targeting Corporates.

  • New market opportunities for IPv6: according to Gartner, 2021 corporate networking . “Slope of enlightenment” -> 2026-2031 (5-10 yrs) adoption. 2022-2023 Global IPv6 market to grow at a CAGR 30,8 % (USD 8.24 billon)

  • Key IPv6 achievements in Spain

    • 2022-2023 Spain’s Fixed BB operators adopting IPv6 massively

    • 2022-2023 Spain’s largest Mobile Network 100% Ready for 2G, 3G, LTE & 5

    • IPv6 Workshops and Dissemination resources– Videos targeting Enterprises:

    • IPv6 GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS IN ETERPRISE (1’29’’) •https://youtu.be/0pcLD9uCy3M

    • IPv6 FOR CIOs, CTOs e IT (2’54’’) • https://youtu.be/-3TBgByljHE

- Speaker: Krishna Lahoti (Director – CNLABS Vice-Chair APAC IPv6 Council Vice Officer (Asia) – IPv6 Ready Logo)

  • Topic: SRv6 and IoTv6 Ready Logo Program

  • Key Messages

The following three IPv6 Ready Logo Programs have been presented:

- IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a Conformance and Interoperability testing program intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is available now and is ready to be used.

- IoTv6 Ready Logo Program derived from IPv6 Ready Logo Program is designed specifically for IoT Devices - ensuring their conformance, interoperability, and compliance with IPv6 standards.

- SRv6 Ready Logo program focuses on verifying a device's conformance to SRv6 and associated IPv6 standards, ensuring that it supports relevant specifications from the IETF. It also aims to validate the interoperability of devices with other SRv6-enabled devices to ensure that certified devices can connect, communicate, and interoperate seamlessly. Base Standards are, RFC 8402 – SR Architecture (relevant clauses for SRv6), RFC 8754 – IPv6 SRH, RFC 8986 – SRv6 Network Programming

How to join SRv6 Logo Ready Program:

*Subscription and submission of application to test your SRv6 product send an email to ipv6ready-sr6+subscribe@ipv6ready.org *Kick-Off meeting on 18th July 2023

- Speaker: Ralph Wallace (USG v6 Task Force)

  • Topic:
    IPv6-Only status

  • Key Messages:
  • A comprehensive Background on USG enacted IPv6 Policies and Plans have been presented
  • Originating Direction (2003)
  • The Task Force was charged with considering a variety of IPv6-related issues, “including the appropriate role of government, international interoperability, security in transition, and costs and benefits.”
  • OMB M-05-22 August 2, 2005
  • Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the U.S. Government Version 1.0, May 2009
  • Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the U.S. Government Version 2.0, July 2012
  • OMB M-21-07 November 19, 2020
    • SUBJECT: Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (1Pv6): 20%/(end of FY 2023) 50% (end of FY 2024) /80% (end of FY 2025) Objective
    • OMB M-21-07 is intended to be the final guidance established to complete the Federal transition
  • Cybersecurity requirements for IPv6 (there are distinct differences between IPv6 and IPv4 cybersecurity elements) Note: Federal IPv6 Transition Best Practices presentation can be made by Ralph Wallace with the original slides upon request

4 Input document

IPv6-EC(23)001 Report of the previous Plenary meeting

IPv6-EC(23)002 IPv6 Enhanced Council Presentation

IPv6-EC(23)003 IPv6 Enhanced Council ToR (Terms of Reference)

IPv6-EC(23)004 IPv6 Enhanced Council Structure

IPv6-EC(23)006 IPv6 Enhanced Council Roadmap

IPv6-EC(23)007 PoC Governance

5 Agreed actions

Status of the pending draft deliverables

  • Actions on the Editors / Rapporteurs to speed up the publication process. Progress in completion of the draft deliverables is expected:

    • Ralph will prepare the paper on IPv6-Only
    • Krishna on SRv6 and IoTv6 Ready program
    • Rapporteur of “IPv6 on Enterprise”

6 Discussion on the chat

Lawrence Hughes We should be doing outreach to the VoIP community - IPv6 eliminates one of the biggest headaches with VoIP (NAT Traversal) - we should explain the advantages of VoIPv6 and help them with pilot projects - it’s hard to find a VoIP provider to connect your server to over IPv6. We should also do outreach to the VPN vendor community, as IPsec and IKEv2 work great over IPv6 (again no NAT Traversal required) Finally we should encourage pilot projects for audio and video streaming over IPv6 - VLC can work as a client for now. This can be done on a national or even global basis.

Ralph Wallace to Lawrence Lawrence - Would you like to lead this for the US Council?

Lawrence Hughes Sure

Carlos Ralli Ucendo (Telefonica) about Krishna’s presentation on SRv6 Logo Program Very interesting presentation, we take note of the logo program regarding SRv6.

JP to Ralph Wallace Ralph, as you are aware creating new certification programs takes some time and we are getting started on two new certification programs at this time Where do you think certification for cloud products fall in terms of priority at this time?

Ralph Wallace Doug Montgomery asked me for support for USGv6 product profile. CNLabs can continue this awesome efforts without impact. Concurrent is possible and probably advised.

Krishna (CNLABS) posted the following links SRv6 Mailing List: ipv6ready-sr6@ipv6ready.org To subscribe, pls send an email to ipv6ready-sr6+subscribe@ipv6ready.org and follow the instructions in the email response

Joe Klein joined as a guest https://docs.aws.amazon.com/vpc/latest/userguide/aws-ipv6-support.html

5 Next Plenary meeting (All)

The next Plenary meeting of the IPv6 Enhanced Council is scheduled on July 27th, 2023. 14:00 - 17:00 (CET). Zoom link and the Agenda will be shared by the Management Team.

6 Acknowledgment and closing

The Chairman thanked all participants for the fruitful discussion and for their interest to collaborate and contribute in various WGs / Wis, Deliverables and PoC Program within the Roadmap of the IPv6 Enhanced Council.