Our Mission

This is what we do

The overall scope of IPv6 Enhanced Council is to accelerate the adoption of IPv6 by more users, terminals, networks and contents enabling IPv6 to connect everything. This will in turn foster IPv6-based innovations.

The progress of 5G connectivity, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence and the pervasive use of Hybrid-Multi-Cloud services involves the following areas that will be initially considered:

  • IPv6 based 5G (and beyond 5G) transport (including transport for both wired and wireless networks and network slicing)
  • Cloud & IPv6 network convergence
  • IPv6 based Enterprise networking
  • IPv6 for IoT, Industrial Internet and Edge Computing
  • IPv6 cybersecurity and management

IPv6 Enhanced Council will investigate the IPv6 functionalities as required by the new and evolving applications in order to develop an Enhanced IPv6 network. IPv6 and all the new generation technologies based on IPv6 will drive the transformation of network services, stimulating business models innovation. Important features will be considered including:

  • IPV6-based Protocol Innovation: the continuous development of IPv6 related protocols specified in IETF makes IPv6 more powerful, by embedding useful and unlimited capabilities (thanks to its built-in Extended Herders feature), for example the potential of programmability brought by SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6).
  • IPv6-based AI Innovation: the maintenance costs can be lowered and the IPv6 network automation can be improved by AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanisms.

IPv6 Enhanced Council will also seek to enhance the capture and dissemination of feedback from real-life IPv6 deployments, trials, show cases and relevant industry projects.

IPv6 Enhanced Council will encourage the active cooperation and interaction among SDOs and fora as well as the research communities working in the domain of IPv6 deployment. Since IPv6 Enhanced Council will not develop protocol specifications, it will refer to the IETF for this. It is planned to communicate the progress of their work with other SDOs in order to avoid overlap and to encourage a coordinated approach.