IPv6 Enhanced Council - Fifth Plenary Meeting Agenda proposal

IPv6-EC005 on September 28th at 2pm to 5pm CET

Posted by IPv6 Forum on September 19, 2023 · 1 min read


  1. Opening of the meeting and Welcome of participants

  2. Opening Talk session
    • IPv6 Benefits in the deployment. (Mr. Jeffry Handal, Cisco Meraki)
    • Status of IETF on IPv6 (Mr. Joe Klein, IETF)
    • IPv6 Education Certification (Dr Navaneethan C. Arjuman, Global Coordinator IPv6 Forum Education Certification Logo Programme)
    • iMAP (Mr. John Lee, Aptive Resources)
  3. Review of the Report of the 4th Plenary meeting (August 1rst, 2023)

  4. Liaisons Statement (LS): Any potential LS OUT (one with IDSA under discussion, other to be identified by members if any)

  5. PoC program detailed ongoing 4 PoCs and call for additional participants / contributors
    • WG 2: Ongoing 4 PoCs: call for additional participants / contributors.
    • WG 2: Presentation of a New PoC Proposal “CPE Test Book / Check list for End-Users IPv6 Services” (Jean-Charles Bisecco, France IPv6 Task Force). Call for contributors, participants
  6. Review of the WGs and Roadmap
    • Regional Sub-Alliances Tracks WGs (WG3 / EU, WG4 / APAC, WG5 / US, WG5 / LATAM, WG6 / AFRICA, WG7 / ME): Newly created Regional IPv6 Councils
    • Presentation of New WI Proposal “Technical Platform for addressing critical IPv6 deployment pain points and issues of CSPs and Industry Verticals” (Rapporteur: Jean-Charles Bisecco, France IPv6 Task Force). Call for contributors and additional key issues to be addressed.
  7. wrap-up and conclusions and next meeting date

  8. AOB

  9. Closure of the meeting

Meeting material here