IPv6 Enhanced Council - Fourth Plenary Meeting Agenda proposal

IPv6-EC004 on August 31st at 2pm to 5pm CET

Posted by IPv6 Forum on August 20, 2023 · 1 min read


  1. Opening of the meeting and Welcome of participants

  2. Opening Talk session
    • IPv6 in ZAIN - KSA (Mr. Mohammad Anwar Dajani, Transport Planning Director, ZAIN, Saudi Arabia)
    • AWS IPv6 adoption (Ms. Alexandra Huides, AWS)
    • Telco Data Spaces, (Dr Muslim Elkotob, Vodafone)
    • Benefits of IPv6 Deployment (Mr. Jeffry Handel, Cisco Meraki)
    • Takeaways from SRv6 Ready Logo KOM (Mr. Tim Winters, IPv6 Ready Logo Program Leader)
    • Status of IETF on IPv6 (Mr. Joe Klein, IETF)
  3. Review of the Report of the 3rd Plenary meeting (July 27th)

  4. Liaisons Statement (LS) with SDOs:
    • LSOUT to WBBA (Word Broad Band Association): presentation
    • Review of ITU-T answer to IPv6 Forum LSOUT “IPv6-based Metaverse” presented on July 5th to the ITU-T second Plenary meeting hold at Shanghai.
    • Invitation to participate in the ITU-T “Digital Transformation Webinar Series” in September https://www.itu.int/cities/standards4dt
  5. PoC program detailed ongoing 4 PoCs and call for additional participants / contributors

  6. wrap-up and conclusions and next meeting date

  7. AOB

  8. Closure of the meeting

Meeting material here