Proof of Concept (PoC)

Potential PoC Topics candidates
IPv6 Enhanced Council PoC Topics candidates list
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Use Cases and Applications IPv6 Only use cases and transition Business and Technical Case for IPv6 Only
Size: Enterprise SOHO, Enterprise SMB, Enterprise Large
Function: Governments, Service Provider, Carrier, Managed Service Provider, Cloud/Datacentre
Transition to IPv6 Only – Program &; Project Management, Inventory, Gap Analysis
Transition to IPv6 Only – System, Address & Network Designs,
Platforms, Cybersecurity & Applications
Deployment Plans, Operations and Sustainment
IPv6-based DataBlockMatrix Food Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing Architecture
Data Sovereignty Requirements
Data Collection Pre-requisites, Data Storage Implementation
Data Processing in Food Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing
Blockchain vs Data Block Matrix in GPDR compliance
5G for automated mobility 5G in cross-border corridors
Tele-operated Driving
IPv6 in cross-border corridors
IPv6 Service continuity
SRv6 based service function chain Smart services for government enterprise clients usage scenario
Smart services for home terminals usage scenario
SRv6-aware network firewall
Development practice of SRv6 based SFC in the operator network
SFC scheduling of single-service in single-Cloud (SRv6-aware mode) ...
SFC scheduling of multi-service in multi-Cloud (Hybrid mode).....
IPv6-based Blockchain IPv6-based Blockchain: Overview and Requirements
IPv4-to-IPv4 transactions
IPv6-to-IPv6 transactions
Scenario 1 - Prepaid journeys
Scenario 2 - Pay-as-you-go journeys.
CGA for IPv6 Zero Trust CGA address generation algorithm
Implementing Modern CGA for IPv6
CGA Specifictions
Cryptographic hash functions
IPv6 for Universities Motivation to deploy IPv6 in Academia and LAN Design implications
IPv6 Design change: Replace Broadcast with multicast
HEAnet Context
Dual-Stack WIFI
IPV6 only WIFI
IP Transport with SRv6 SRv6 Infrastructure for IP Transport
Transport of IP Services
Automating SRv6 Configuration through SDN
E2E SRv6 in Network and Cloud
Guide Datacenter and Cloud Integration General requirements to network-Cloud convergence
European digital sovereignty with GAIA-X and IDSA.
Virtual private Cloud usage scenario
Enterprise site to DCs usage scenario
Inter-connection of Clouds usage scenario
Data Centre network usage scenario
Telecom Cloud network usage scenario
IPv6 for network-Cloud convergence (Benefit analysis)
Hyper-converged Data Centre network benefits analysis with unified IPv6 architecture
Network and Cloud management benefits
Industrial Internet and Enterprise Automotive (in vehicle, V2V, V2I), SmartGrid Applications
Deploying IP networks in the factory
ZeroConf Scalable wireless access for IoT with minimized churn for IoT devices
Deterministic networking for control loop and motion control
Security vs. Safety (e.g. Recursive micro segmentation, ISA 99, Purdue Model vs. firewalling/VPN)
Towards IPv6-only Enterprise / Factory
Network Control and automation
5G Transport over IPv6 and SRv6 Networking Pre-Requisites
IPv6/SRv6 Infrastructure for 5G Data Transportation.
5G and Cloud interactions
Requirements to the 5G transport network.
Cloud-network coordination policies
Network Automation and SDN
Vision IPv6 Enhanced Innovation Analysis New industry challenges
Existing solutions and gaps
Non-technical gaps
IPv6 enhanced innovations for filling the gaps
Test & Certification IPv6 Ready Logo: IoT & 6TiSCH Test organization
Common test settings
Common test topology
Advanced functionality tests
IPv6 Test Cases
DHCPv6 Test Cases
DNSv6 Test Cases
Testing/Validation IPv6/SRv6 Networks Conformance testing
Functional Testing
Non-Functional Testing
Integration Testing
Interoperability Testing
Declarative Testing
Testing as a Service