IPv6 Enhanced Council - Sixth Plenary Meeting Agenda proposal

IPv6-EC006 on September 22nd at 2pm to 5pm CET

Posted by IPv6 Forum on November 19, 2023 · 1 min read


  1. OOpening of the meeting and Welcome of participants and newly established National IPv6 Councils

  2. Opening Talk session

    • Make IPv6-Only a reality, lessons learned from CERNET2 practice (Mr. Xie Ling)
  • Zero to Deploy: AFRINIC’s Holistic Deployment Operationalisation Program (Mr. Mukum Akong)

  • IPv6 deployment at Tunisie Telecom (Mr. Oussama Samet, Tunisie Telecom)

  • IPv6 in LATAM (Mr. Azael Fernandez)

  1. Review of the Report of the 5th Plenary meeting

  2. Liaisons Statement (LS): Any potential LS OUT (one with IDSA under discussion, other to be identified by members if any)

  3. Review of the WGs and Roadmap
    • R4.1. Track 1: Industry Conensus on Internet-based Digital Transformation Readiness
    • WG1 / WI 1.1. “IPv6-Driven Digital Transformation Framework (ToR to be drafted)
    • WGI / WI 1.2 “E2E IPv6 Deployment Framework” (ToR to be drafted)
    • WG2 / WI 2.1: “SRv6 Readiness Checklists” (ToR update, Editor appointment of the Deliverable) - Track 2: Regional Sub-Alliances WGs
    • WG3 / US, WG4 / APAC, WG5 / ME, WG5 / LATAM, WG7 / EU, WG8 / AFRICA Experience sharing: Update / Status, Events / Summits planning, Deliverables, Requested support, ….
  4. wrap-up and conclusions and next meeting date

  5. AOB

  6. Closure of the meeting

Meeting material here