ETSI ISG IPE#03: IPv6 Government Policy Speed Up IPv6 Deployment and Enhanced Innovation

Posted by IPv6 Forum on July 31, 2021 · 3 mins read

On July 12, ETSI ISG IPE held its 3rd online plenary. Close to 40 participants, including delegates from Cisco, Huawei, Verizon, China Telecom, ARCEP (France), Ofcom (UK), registered for the meeting.

During the Workshop ok IPv6 policy, ARCEP, Ofcom, Verizon and China Telecom introduced the latest IPv6 policies of France, UK, USA and China separately:

  • China Telecom: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China published “3-Year Specific Action Plan of IPv6 Traffic Promotion” (2021-2023). The end-to-end performance of IPv6 is still to be improved.
  • Verizon (USA): the Federal Government published OMB-M-21-07 Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), requiring that at least 80% of IP-enabled assets on Federal networks are operating IPv6-only environments by the end of FY 2025.
  • ARCEP (France): introduced the publication of the Annual barometer of the transition to IPv6 in France. The IPv6 deployment has increased from 12% to 47% during the last 5 years. IPv6 compatibility is required for 5G frequency 3.4~3.8GHz band licence holders.
  • Ofcom (UK): introduced its vision on future Internet services. The report Internet Futures – Spotlight on what will be shaping the Internet of the Future was published in July. The report indicates that the use of IoT will boost the deployment of IPv6; at IETF, protocols like SRv6 are being developed to improve the IPv6 performance.
  • John Lee from Internet Associates LLC also introduced IPv6 address planning.

The work items are being actively updated. The draft SRv6 based service function chain for value-added service in operator network proposed by China Unicom was adopted as a new work item of IPE. The other existing work items also made great progress and were discussed during the meeting. Those work items and their rapporteurs are:

  • DGR/IPE-001 IPE Gap Analysis, (Huawei, Eduard Vasilenko)
  • DGR/IPE-002 IPv6 based Data Centres, Network and Cloud Integration, (China Telecom, Cong LI)
  • DGR/IPE-003 Transition to IPv6 Only, (Internet Associates John Lee)
  • DGR/IPE-004 IPv6 based enterprise networking and Industrial Internet, (CISCO Pascal Thubert)
  • DGR/IPE-005 5G Transport and Cloud and IP network Convergence over IPv6/SRv6, (POST Luxembourg Sebastien Lourdez)
  • DGR/IPE-006 IPv6 and Cloud using DataBlockMatrix for Food Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing (Biigroup, Haisehng Yu)
  • DGR/IPE-007 IPv6-based 5G for Connected and Automated Mobility (University of Luxembourg, Ion Turcanu)
  • RGR/IPE-008 IPvIPv6 Ready Logo Program: IoT & 6TiSCH (Mandat International IoT Lab, Cedric Crettaz)

Member & participant updates: ARCEP (France), Ofcom (UK), AFRINIC (Africa) and Verizon Business Group joined IPE. We now have 63 members & participants in the big family:

We are happy to announce that the ETSI webinar: IPv6 Enhanced Innovation: the IPv6-Only Future in the 5G, IoT & Cloud Era will be held on September 13, 2021. You are welcome to join freely online.